Sunday, October 3, 2010

Soccer Ball for a Soccer Star

Isaac's little brother turned 14 Sept 25. To celebrate I made him a soccer ball cake to take for the cookout on his birthday. This was an experience. First time stacking cakes other than my two tiered round cakes.

So this is much harder than I thought it would be.I liked the way it turned out for my first one. I started with filling the molds too full, that didn't leave enough room for icing in the center. The lines were easy to pipe at first, but I started getting confused after the the center row of black pentagons. But overall I like the cake, and so did David, and that's what really counts!

This is how the snow globe would look as well. Hopefully I will be able to stack them better next time so I can make a snow globe for a lucky someone this winter.

More to follow :) Keep checking back for an igloo cake and a Christmas tree cake!

Happy Baking :)

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