Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Banana Cake :)

Well this weekend I spent some time working with fondant. Did I keep anything, no. I was going to, the the ants attacked.

So needless to say, all the fondant is in the dumpster now. But before the attack I started working on a ladybug and bumble bees. Here is the lady bug.

So some of the things I learned. Food coloring is not good for painting! It took forever to dry and was still tacky even when the color didn't bleed onto my finger. Second, use fondant to make the dots and face. It looks pretty good in the picture but not so good in person. I took a carving tool and poked a hole then filled it with food coloring. It looked super cute before the paint, but once it got painted, I think small fondant balls would have been better.

So, on to the really important business. We all know the cake is the star. I tried out the modified banana recipe after my first one failed miserably. This one turned out not so bad! It hasn't fallen apart and I trimmed off the top of one so it would stack flat and it was pretty good. Very subtle banana flavor, so I'll try adding another banana next time.

Even better, the banana takes out A LOT of the fat! So yummy and better for you :) Happy Cooking!

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