Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fondant Flowers

So once again I was proven wrong with my first thoughts about this material. I had said in a previous blog that I thought the flowers looked too cartoon for me. Well I guess I'm wrong. They look more realistic than I first thought.

Tonight we worked on daisies, waterlilies, calla lilies and mums. I really like the color scheme and hopefully will do a cake with this soon. I've wanted to do one for a little while, so maybe sometime in this class.

The daisies I think are super cute and so easy! They are cookie cutters :) The water lilies are made the same way with just an extra layer on top.
The mum is actually made with the same form, but there are six layers to make the mum. (the spikey ball looking figure in the top picture.)

And finally Calla Lilies. Simple "cigars" sprinkled in crystal sprinkles and then hearts painted with luster dust, these are green, but you could use any color.

So again I was proved wrong. I know this wasn't that long but there wasn't a cake to talk about. Look for  next weeks blog, Birthday Present Cake!

Happy Cooking!

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